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Thursday, January 27, 2011

How to Make Girly Tattoo Designs Sexy

Nice Tattoo Design on Lower Back Cute Virgo Girl

It wasn't many years ago that tattoos were considered a man thing so girly tattoo designs weren't even in the mix. When we thought of tattoos we envisioned an outline of a shapely woman on the arm of a man and that was what would be thought of as girly tattoo designs, if even then that term existed. Other than that we often would notice other manly images and designs as tattoos on men.

Sexy Dragonfly Tattoo Design For Ladies

This is a different time and girly tattoo designs are common, even to the extent that more women are being inked than men, and many times multiple times. Some tattoos on women are simply sexy and very attractive on the ladies; this is how I would define girly tattoo designs. You might add any design that will add to the feminine appeal of a woman.

Beautiful Star Girly Tattoo Design

Now that we have established what a girly tattoo design is, just how should you choose the right inking for you? I would suggest there are several issues to resolve in your mind before you come to a design decision. Let's consider some of these concerns;

Best Japanese Dragon Tattoo Design for Girl

1) Where do you want your tattoo on your body? Women commonly choose an area where the tattoo is sort of semi-visible, where the inking isn't easily seen. These areas are considered sexy, places such as the upper chest, ankle, lower back, shoulders and nape.

Girly Tattoo Design Ideas

2) Once this choice has been made, now you need to consider the design. Girly tattoo designs are generally small and delicate and would include designs such as hearts, stars, floral designs, initials and small cartoon characters.

Full Geisha Tattoo on Body Pretty Women

3) Next you should consider your color combination. Tattoos that are considered girly often make good use of color and shading elements and hardly ever will have the harshness of a tattoo that a man would have.

Hot Lotus Tattoo Design for Sexy Girl

Girly tattoo designs are usually simple in design but don't interpret this to mean a woman sporting these designs is soft and the push over type. Actually it is very much the opposite; women who wear these sexy designs are usually independent, strong and highly fashionable.

Awesome Dragon Tattoo on Back Body Girl

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Female Back Tattoos As Fashion

grey ivy female back tattoo

It is definitely an outdated, even laughable idea that female back tattoos are for only the "loose" ladies and particularly thinking of the lower back tattoo as a "tramp stamp". It is extremely close minded to think that an attractive woman with a back tattoo must be immoral and unsatisfied. It's very much the other way as a woman who is strong, independent and fashionable is one who would strongly consider a female back tattoo.

phoniex female back tattoos

There are certainly a few fantastic reasons for desiring a female back tattoo in addition to fashion. Regardless of what part of the back you choose to have a tattoo inked you have the ability to cover it when appropriate such as many workplaces that still require tattoos to be covered. Also a design in this area will highlight the natural curves and shapes of a woman, predominantly the lower back or tailbone area. When a woman chooses to wear clothing that will allow their lower back tattoo to be visible it gives the impression of sensuality that other tattoos fail to accomplish.

japanese geisha female back tattoos

There also is the upper back tattoo which is highly popular. These tattoos can range form a simple small and delicate design such as a flower to a large and elaborate design. Similar to the lower back tattoo a high back tattoo should be placed in a way that it can be covered when appropriate. However the upper back tattoo may be more difficult to cover up when formal dress wear is common. A gown for example would usually be lower cut around the upper back making it difficult to cover your design. You might consider a smaller design that would better blend with this type of formal wear and actually add to the attractiveness of your look. It does seem that the social bias of tattoos is fading and therefore some female back designs might be admired in this setting.

rose female back tattoo

On the other hand outdoor wear such as bathing suits and tank tops and other casual wear would expose your design. This setting though would be one that a larger tattoo might be greatly accepted and admired. It is a good opportunity for a woman to show her strength and independence. Men like strong, independent and confident women and think of them as sexy.

beautiful female back tattoos

Great is this art and the wide array of designs from simple to complex allows you many possibilities to be imaginative with your design. Online galleries offer a seemingly limitless collection of suggestions and ideas. So it is good to do your research and make sure you will be satisfied, and can live with this tattoo the rest of your life. Do this by designing your art to your personality and I know you will be happy with your tattoo.

flower female lower back tattoo